Portfolio Management

Our Approach

Institutional investors and ultra-high net worth individuals have long enjoyed an investment advantage owing to their size, scale and expertise. Specifically, they have access to a broader range of investments – including private real estate, mortgages, and private equity, for example. These investments serve to spread risk and enhance the performance of their portfolios. Institutional investors also have access to specialty expertise in different types of asset classes: independent and talented money managers who are typically unavailable to individuals or have prohibitively high investment minimums.

Retail investors will profit from these same advantages with TvH Financial.

Independent Investment Committee

An independent investment committee drives the top-down process of determining the optimal asset mix and strategy for your portfolio. The committee selects and monitors independent asset specialists and makes direct investments to execute on the asset mix strategy. Asset mix is proven to be a critical factor in long-term investment performance; having this professionally managed for you should improve performance and reduce volatility.

Core and Alternative Assets

Up to 10 different core and alternative asset categories provides broader diversification and greater opportunity to produce more consistent returns with less risk than traditional mutual funds or wrap accounts. All with the ease and simplicity of a single, coordinated yet highly-diversified portfolio that is less dependent on the stock market for returns.

Top Specialists in Every Asset Category

As manager, Newport Private Wealth uses its ability to source top independent specialists for the TvH Portfolios – ensuring expertise is focused in every asset category and relieving you of the responsibility of keeping up on multiple managers. Managers are chosen for their track record and suitability for individual investors and are constantly monitored by our Investment Committee.

Active Portfolio Rebalancing

Tactical allocation and re-balancing of asset specialists and investments for your portfolio is professionally managed for you – eliminating the worry of when to change your exposure and weightings among different asset classes based on current market and economic fundamentals. This circular process of constant monitoring and re-balancing of both asset specialists and investments ensures a pro-active approach to managing your money.

For more information contact Jim Lao via email  jim@tvhgroup.ca or by phone at 416 628 8140