Real Estate Investment

Invest in your future

Fortress Real Capital is an RSP eligible syndicate mortgage product that allows a consumer to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate by becoming a mortgage lender. Your principal amount is fully secured against the subject property (as a mortgage) where you enjoy steady interest on your funds and, where available, a deferred lender fee at the end of your term.

Fixed terms, defined horizons, the unique security only available through a mortgage, investing that makes sense.

What is a syndicate mortgage?

A syndicate mortgage is where several investors combine funds together to create one instrument (a mortgage). The investment ‘moves’ as one funding but each investor is individually registered and secured proportionally.

Why invest through syndicate mortgages?

Syndicate mortgages allow you to have direct collateral for your investment and ongoing returns from the interest earned by the mortgage. Fortress structures opportunities for development investing through syndicate mortgages to provide investors with the ability to earn higher returns through a deferred lender fee while still maintaining solid security and collateral on their principal investment.