Providing benefits up to 24 months.

Disability insurance will provide benefits up to $2,000 for a period of up to 24 months if an injury or accident has occurred that prevents one of the applicants from working. The most common disabilities that are experienced are injuries to the back, mental disease or physical impairment due to accidents.

With TVH Financial’s insurance products, you receive a number of benefits that distinguish it from the majority of other products available:

Portability – your coverage moves with your mortgage regardless of where you place your mortgage. It also moves to a new home at the balance of coverage currently in effect.
Multiple life coverage – you have the ability to cover up to 4 individuals on the policy.
Pre-closing coverage – you can elect to have your coverage be in effect as soon as your insurance application has been accepted, thereby providing you and your family full protection in case an unexpected event occurs prior to the mortgage closing. If you decide that you do not want pre-closing coverage, you are still covered with free accidental death benefits that stay in effect until your mortgage closes (maximum of 2 years).