Jonathan Sowerby

What is your role at TvH Group?

I am a licensed mortgage broker who works with a variety of clients to help them meet their real estate goals. This includes everything from property purchases for personal, investment or income generating purposes to first-time, single-family residence buyers, experienced investment property owners and everyone in between. I offer them a variety of client-focused lending sources and programmes that best reflect their situation.

Why do your clients choose to work with you?

My clients quickly realize that I want to help them make decisions that will benefit them today and in the future. A client may finance a home purchase with me today, but I want to help properly prepare them for the long term. I do this by offering more than mortgage product solutions and with my partners’ additional expertise, provide comprehensive advice that will see them through a lifetime of financial decisions with confidence. This gives them the freedom to do what is really important to them.
They also work with me due to my ability to obtain favourable pricing while managing small print details within agreements they might not think to address.
This helps to simplify the financing process for them. I help clients walk the fine line between impulse buying and missed opportunities. These may occur due to indecision based on a lack of information or experience in this area.

I bring a number of skills to the table – the most important being a willingness to take the time to get to know a client and understand their situation. I apply my experience to their needs and help them develop a comfort level with the process. Making people feel comfortable is vital in any financing decision for the simple reason that comfortable people tend to make better decisions.
This process begins by listening. The level of sophistication in our introductory conversation is based on the client’s ability to articulate his or her needs and understanding of the financing process, be it acquisition or consolidation – related. A real estate transaction moves in steps and clients need to understand

those steps before they can pose questions that are essential to realizing their goals. I provide the information they need to ask those questions. They are then better able to tell me what they are seeking and I am consequently better able to guide them.

What led you to become a mortgage broker?

I have been in real estate for many years. Along the way, I have acquired a number of different types of property including commercial, residential, income, investment and storefront. After earning a degree in finance, I spent part of my early career with a large bank as a trader and later with a global investment management firm where I fulfilled a number of responsibilities. I came to realize that my true passion involved working with people, numbers and real estate. Being a mortgage broker allows me to blend all three and I greatly enjoy what I do.

Which clients benefit most from your expertise?

I like to work with people who involve me in their decisions and want to consider my advice. I find it most productive to work with a client who sees one expert in the room. Some clients tell us how they want things done and others seek our experience and expertise. I am happy to discuss my recommendations at length when a client questions them or has an alternative point of view. We work best with clients who realize that we are more than order takers.

Can you describe your vision for TvH in terms of service delivery?

Yes. Delivering second-to-none service is an essential part of all that we offer our clients. Service quality defines each partner’s DNA and our clients experience this through the high levels of service we provide. This may involve providing financial advice, accounting expertise, legal guidance or offering manage real estate advice combined with precise execution. The adage, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” really applies here. Our service delivery philosophy is based on the business model created by J.P. Morgan and

other pioneers in the multi-family business office industry. This is where individuals place their trust in a group of skilled, like-minded trusted advisors who work under one roof to manage their clients’ financial, property acquisition and consolidation, legal, tax management and other affairs. By structuring our firm in this way, we are well positioned to offer clients appropriate advice that brings them comfort.

How did TvH Group come about?

TvH stands for Tortoise versus Hare. It epitomizes are pragmatic and disciplined approach to bringing best-in-class mortgage brokerage, financial advisory, accounting and legal services to our clients. The partners share the same vision combining precision, patience and passion when working with each client – now and down the road.
Our clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of the professional synergies we have built naturally over time and that continue to grow daily.
Depending on your situation and experience, your needs as a mortgage consumer will differ, however one thing remains constant, as either a first-time homebuyer or a repeat buyer you need the guidance of a professional to get you the best product and rate to suit your needs.For a First Time Buyer, mortgage advice and information is not just important, it is critical. Timely and accurate mortgage advice, the right products to select from, can be a boon to the enjoyment of your first purchase as a family home and lifetime investment. There is no reason to rush the purchase of your first home – remember, it is also an investment in your life and lifestyle.

As a Repeat Buyer, you need to know that your options are extensive. With a changing mortgage marketplace, you need to be kept up to date so that you can make a decision that is tailored to your current situation with the flexibility that you require.

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